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Solution-focused hypnotherapy plus

Provides all the specialist training you need to get the best results for your clients.

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For all your training needs

With well over ten years of seeing clients for solution-focused hypnotherapy and many more years of training people, Trevor Eddolls has put those skills together to form Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy Plus.

Training courses available

Our aim is to provide other therapists with additional tools that they can use to help their clients attain the goals that they set themselves.

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Free online CPD. This 20-minute session briefly explores the two-way links between the brain and the body that affect how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. It's called: "Why do people do what they do?" And you can see it here:


Hypnosis for

Sporting Excellence

The aim of this course is to understand how to help your clients improve their Sports Performance through the use of Hypnosis. We explore how the brain works and different techniques of visualization and relaxation with the use of practical exercises to support the lessons.

The last running was on 3 July 2022

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The complete guide to

dealing with any fear ever

Techniques for dealing with phobias.

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NLP techniques for

Solution-Focused Hypnotherapists

We all recognize some NLP techniques from our training course such as the rewind technique and swish. This course will give you some more NLP techniques that you can use straightaway with clients to help them achieve their goals. It will also recap on rewind and Swish so that you feel completely confident using them with clients.

The last running was on 15 May 2022

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Positive Psychology Techniques for

Solution-Focused Hypnotherapists

Positive psychology is one of the most recent additions to psychology. It's focus is on what makes people happy and it comes with a number of useful techniques that we can add to our repertoire to help our clients to successfully achieve their goals

Next running tbc

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Training for industry

How much is stress costing your business?

Click here for our "Dealing with Stress" and "Successful Management" training sessions.

Talks for groups

We also work with groups in schools, WIs, Rotary clubs, sports clubs, and anywhere else that people meet in groups. Click here for more information.