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NLP Techniques for
Solution-Focused Hypnotherapists

Last running: 15 May 2022

We all recognize some NLP techniques from our training course such as the rewind technique and swish. This CPD will give you some more NLP techniques that you can use straightaway with clients to help them achieve their goals. It will also recap on rewind and Swish so that you feel completely confident using them with clients.

As well as describing how to use the techniques, there will be time to try them out on one another to ensure that everyone leaves feeling positive that they can make the best use of these techniques with clients.

This is an all-day CPD.

The CPD costs £95.00 and includes the following:

All accompanying training notes.
Certificate of Attendance – this event counts as 1 day of CPD.

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Where and when

This CPD training day last took place from 10am till 4:30pm on Sunday 15 May 2022 on Zoom.


NeuroLinguistic Programming has been around since the 1970s and was originally based on John Grinder and Richard Bandler observing techniques used by Fritz Perls, Virginia Satir, and Milton Erickson that worked with clients and identify the key components of those techniques and being able to replicate them time-and-time again.

The CPD will cover:

Introduction to NLP
Building rapport
Pacing and leading
Peripheral vision relaxation
Circle of excellence
The Swish technique
Rewind technique (Fast Phobia Cure)
5-minute headache cure
Dickens Process
Godiva chocolate pattern
Sleights of mouth belief change
Creating a brilliant future
Organic belief change

Some of the techniques make use of what NLPers refer to as submodalities (sight, sound, smell, taste, and feel) and these will be explained. Other NLP ideas such as logical levels will be gently touched on, but they don’t impact on the effectiveness of the techniques described.

With the exception of the Rewind technique (which we use anyway), the techniques all work nicely with a solution-focused way of working with clients.

Each technique will be explained in detail and then attendees can try them out on each other.

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What people have said

"I found the training incredibly useful, some fabulous new techniques to use! It was so helpful Thanks so much." SW
"I really enjoyed your training. You explain things so clearly and make the complex simple. Just a great communicator. I am your number one fan!" JP
"Thanks so much, I really enjoyed yesterday’s CPD and I am sure that I will find it very useful for working with my clients in the weeks, months and years to come." LM
"I attended Trevor Eddolls NLP course. I’ve wanted to do it for ages and was worth the wait. Useful and feel confident to start using the tools I learnt today. Thank you Trevor for making it fun and engaging, great handouts and lovely to see other practitioners - highly recommend!" JH