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Positive Psychology for
Solution-Focused Hypnotherapists

Positive psychology is one of the most recent additions to psychology. Its focus is on what makes people happy and it comes with a number of techniques that we can add to our repertoire to help our clients to successfully achieve their goals.

As well as describing how to use the techniques, there will be time to try them out on one another to ensure that everyone leaves feeling positive that they can make the best use of these techniques with clients.

This is an all-day CPD.

The CPD costs £95.00 and includes the following:

All accompanying training notes.
Certificate of Attendance - this event counts as 5 Hours of CPD.


Positive psychology looks at the individual and groups. It can be applied to workforce to make work a happier place to spend so much of our waking life. It incorporates ideas of 'Flow' and being 'in the zone' when engaged in a sport or activity.

By way of an introduction to Positive psychology, we’ll look briefly at its history and compare self-determination theory and the hedonic adaptation prevention model of well-being.

We’ll discuss what makes people happy, and what, perhaps surprisingly doesn’t. And we’ll look at improving a person’s level of happiness.

We'll look at the four dimensions of wellbeing, and some useful metaphors to use with clients.

Among the techniques we can use from Positive psychology are:

• Appreciative inquiry
• Recognizing your feelings
• Identifying signature strengths
• Three good things
• Grateful letter
• Random Acts of Kindness
• Active-constructive responding
• Using a strength in a new way
• Savouring
• Best possible self
• Positive reminiscence
• Hugging
• Three questions
• Learning to be optimistic
• Gratitude journal
• Sentence completion
• Exercise
• A wonderful day together
• Life summary
• Worry time
• Worry journal
• Forgiveness
• Identify your values

Each technique will be explained in detail and then attendees can try them out on each other.