Chippenham Harriers

Solution-focused hypnotherapy plus

Provides all the specialist training you need to get the best results for your clients.


The complete guide to
dealing with any fear ever

This CPD looks at:
The difference between a fear and a phobia
The role of the prefrontal cortex
Different ways people behave
When is it not quite so bad
What strengths people use to deal with fears
How they cope

It then looks in some detail at techniques that can be used to help clients successfully overcome their fears and phobias, including:
Bucket emptying
Confidence building

Breathing techniques
Circle of excellence
peripheral vision relaxation
Chanelling their inner hero
Touching the roof of their mouth with their tongue
Displacement activities
Focusing outwards – the Sherlock Holmes game
Life's an experiment
Grey area (between success and failure)
Behaviour shaping
Locus of control
Rethinking triggers
Power of relaxation
Mindfulness urge surfing
Dealing with panic attacks
Amygdala hijack
Sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves
Fight and flight
Fear of needles.

As well as describing how to use the techniques, there will be time to try them out on one another to ensure that everyone leaves feeling positive that they can make the best use of these techniques with clients.

This is an all-day CPD.

The CPD costs £95.00 and includes the following:

All accompanying training notes.
Certificate of Attendance - this event counts as 5 Hours of CPD.