Chippenham Rotary Club

Solution-focused hypnotherapy plus

Provides all the specialist training you need to get the best results for your clients.


Training for

groups in schools, WIs, Rotary clubs, and sports clubs

For sports clubs:

The "Psychological skills training for sporting success" session provides insight into how the brain works and proven psychological techniques to improve performance at any sport.
It looks at:

  • How the brain works
  • Focusing on success
  • Feeling calm
  • Overcoming mental blocks/barriers
  • Reinforcing self-belief
  • Performing at your best when it matters
  • Motivation and Positive thinking.

The workshop lasts around one hour and is free to local sports clubs. (It costs £75.00 plus expenses to others).

For WIs, Rotary Clubs, and other groups:

Chippenham Rotary Club The "How to deal with stress successfully" session is a fun and interactive session that helps people to understand what's happening inside their brain and how to deal with stress.
It looks at:

  • How the brain works
  • Habits
  • Your 'stress bucket'
  • Anger, anxiety, and depression
  • Staying calm and de-stressing.

The "Performance and motivation" session explains the best ways to get up and do something – or get up and do something better than before.

We will look at the brain and the latest research findings to find the best ways to get off the couch and do something you really want to.


In an enjoyable session, people should find a number of techniques that they could use to help them to start work on or achieve their goals.

The "Make me happier" session looks at what makes people happy in the short term and in the longer term and examines a number of techniques that people can try in order to make themselves and their friends happy in the first place and then even happier.

The "Better habits!" session looks at a variety of different ways that people can stop 'bad' habits, like smoking, drinking, gambling, over-eating, etc, and start doing their preferred habit instead. The talk is illustrated with real-life examples of people who have made changes in their life.

The workshops last around one hour and are free to local groups. (They cost £75.00 plus expenses to others).

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